SYMBOLS Stories of cultural life.

Robnik Mihec, mountain climber

On the grave of a young mountain climber is a standing stone panel, brought from the top of the hill above Maribor. It is a symbol of love for the mountains, which the deceased fell in love with his since his first ascents on domestic Pohorje. In the stone wall there is an attached carabiner, which marked the deceased later, when he became a climber.

Mihec Robnik, a member of the mountaineering section of the mountain association TAM, went to Paklenica in Croatia for the first May holidays in 1972. For many years, among the mountain climbers of Maribor, it was customary to visit the picturesque valley of Velika Paklenica during this time. There are walls on which there is no snow, which at this time still persists high in the Alps.

On Sunday, April 30, Mihec Robnik tragically died. The details of the story of his death remain unclear.