SYMBOLS Stories of cultural life.


Guidelines for adding your symbols to our database.

Relevant symbol

The symbol you find should be relevant to our project. Please look at the symbols discovered and only look for those that are categorized within.

Proper image

Project aims at discovering cultures of life in Europe. While the subject is cemetery and symbols at cemeteries, we want to represent stories of living people. The current and ancestors.

As well the project target group involves youngsters who can understand the cemeteries in another way.

Therefore any image that could be offending or disturbing for our target groups will not be included. If the photo represents the monument with the symbol this is normally allowed.

Brief description or story

Symbols without stories are many times hard to understand for general public. Therefore a story behind the symbols and the grave is what we find interesting and want to explore further. So please note that we will include especially the symbols found with stories or related thoughts.

It does not necessary mean the real story behind the grave. It can be a poem, artistic performance or other concept that explains the symbol itself.

Try to discover:

  • Who was the person in that grave?
  • What is their life story?
  • Why is it important?
  • What are the links with European countries?
  • Why was that particular symbol used on this gravestone?

Through these stories we will most certainly gather much broader sense and understanding of symbols.

Technical instructions

You can see all the technical instructions at this webpage.

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