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Powers are Warrior Angels that fight evil by defending the cosmos and humans. They are also known as potentates. They fight against evil spirits who attempt to wreak chaos through human beings. The chief is said to be either Samael, or Camael, both angels of darkness.   In their celestial form, powers appear like brightly coloured, hazy rays of light. Powers are border patrol agents between heaven and Earth. They are the angels of birth and death.
Some believe that they also preside over demons who wish to overthrow the world, while others, namely St. Paul, believed that powers themselves were actually the evil ones. In any case, in the hierarchy of angles, powers are a group of experts who serve as advisers in terms of religion, theology, and ideology.   (Rom 8:38; 1 Cor 15:24; Eph 1:21; 1 Pt 3:22; 2 Thes 1:7)

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