SYMBOLS Stories of cultural life.

Exhibition in Genoa

Everything set to start an amazing journey through symbols, their stories and interpretations.

Symbols project results are about to get revealed with opening ceremony of the exhibition at Ducale palace in Genoa on March 4th at 18:00. The artistic results of our project that is now going on for 2 years are impressive. 39 artists from all over Europe helped putting symbols into various interpretations.

17 printmakers visited cemeteries in their countries and produced 34 prints.

Prints were analyzed by 10 dancers, 7 musicians and 5 choreographers who produced 17 videos.

The historical Ducale palace is a perfect setting for this, itself containing hundreds of symbols from several centuries. A visitor will be able to enjoy the printmaking graphics created in Aviles workshop together with videos of according dances and music produced at Dundee workshop.


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