SYMBOLS Stories of cultural life.

Discovery activities for youngsters

With an excellent prepared guidance, young people become aware that cemetery is not just a place of death and sadness.

It is a place of many interesting findings and as people learn about the important people in the cemetery, they are actually learning about themselves and their own history.

On that basis, and in the framework of the present project, the partners will develop common guidelines to work with secondary schools (in Avilés, Nebbiu, Genoa and Maribor), and higher levels of education (in Limerick and Dundee & Angus), and connect students from the different countries, to exchange information about their cemeteries.

It will take place through a series of local workshops/sessions, e-mails and videoconferences, and in close cooperation with the teachers and professors.

This will allow students to exchange information about their local History and Culture and, above all, to identify common aspects in different European countries. In the different partners areas, students will follow the same guidance and receive similar instructions:

a) Firstly, a session on “European Symbolism at cemeteries”, thanks to the results obtained through the previous activity and research on joint architectonic and artistic elements

b) Secondly, a first study-visit at their cemetery to learn about its heritage.

c) Third, as a work group, the students will be responsible for designing the “route of symbols” within their local cemetery.


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