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Tomb Tollot

This monument has been dedicated to Giuseppina and Iacobita Tollot, two sisters. At both sides there are two candelabras; at the centre, a statue symbolizing the Charity stands on the granite pedestal. The monument praises the noblewoman Giuseppina Tollot’s great generosity, together with the Dukes of Galliera, who were the most famous Genoese benefactors of the 19th century. Thanks to the great legacy coming form her father’s inheritance, a kindergarten has been built, which is still existing and named after her. It has been built for the needy children and managed in a modern way, even under the architectural point of view, with a didactical program which was considered at the cutting edge for that time: in fact this building was considered as an educational institution, not only as a keeping place.
Giuseppina Tollot chose Marquis Giovanni Ricci to be her executor, commissioning him to build the Kindergarten bearing her name. The marquis has commissioned the donor’s bust to the sculptor Cevasco; it was placed in the lunette in the upper part of the monument. In remembrance of this donation, a room in Genoa’s city hall has been named after her; this room holds a bronze bust, which has been made by Giovanni Scanzi.
Staglieno Cemetery
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