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Tomb Priario

A famous Genoese lawyer who lived in the 19th century, Luigi Priario, the owner of this tomb, has been represented very realistically while he is delivering a pleading in a courtroom, wearing a gown. The courtroom, which is seen from a side perspective, has six columns which support the vault and the inclined ceiling. Up, in the lunette, there are some symbols, such as some books and bay branches. This monument has been commissioned by the lawyer’s widow, who had wanted the sculptor to portray her as she was meditating on the steps of the tomb where she now lies alongside her spouse. The monument was placed here in 1881 by the sculptor Paernio and has been criticized by a contemporary critic because of the lack of connection between the figure of the speaker and the one of the widow; it belongs to the first production of the sculptor, who has made it according to the style of the bourgeois Realism.


Staglieno Cemetery
Settore A Porticato Inferiore

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