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Tomb Da Costa

This monument, which was made in 1877 by the sculptor Saccomanno, had been commissioned by the will of Mr. Giovanni Battista Noli Da Costa, in memory of the Portuguese patrician Faustino Antonio Da Costa who, on his death in Genoa at the age of 80, made his adoptive son his heir. This monument hasn’t got any noteworthy symbolic figures, it simply has a most natural scene characterized by pure realism: the heir is contemplating for the last time the cold man’s body which, after being laid on the sarcophagus, will be soon closed into the sepulcher. Up, in the lunette, there is a fresco which represents three flying angels. As for his funerary production, Saccomanno has worked as a portraitist – he has portrayed many famous personalities of the “Risorgimento”, like Giuseppe Mazzini, Aurelio Saffi and many others – but he has also made allegorical representations and everyday scenes, like this one, in a realist style.
Da Costa
Staglieno Cemetery
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