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Burial chapel of family Götz

Shape of the magnificent tomb, last home of family Götz, is reminiscence of rich Roman tombs, similar as those from Roman necropolis in Šempeter near Celje. The tomb is equipped with a number of symbols. First, which is unique in the Pobrežje cemetery, is a relief featuring the God's eye in a triangle. Eye without eyelids, charted in the triangle is a symbol of being and divine knowledge. It is an All-Seeing Eye of God and applies to both, Christianity and Freemasonry. In Masonic tradition, the eye in triangle symbolizes three levels of existence. On the physical level it is a symbol of visible sun, from which come life and light. At the intermediate or star level represents the Word, Logos and the creative principle. On the spiritual God's level it represents the great builder of the world.

Another rare symbol on Pobrežje cemetery is the hourglass. It symbolizes the eternal flow of time, but also a turning point in time, if you turn it. Throat between upper and lower parts of hourglass symbolizes transition and allowing flow from Heaven to earth and in opposite direction.

The next symbol is the Latin cross that decorates the top of tomb. Its peculiarity is an eight leaf rose in intersection of vertical and horizontal lines, which has similar symbolism as a lotus flower in Asia. Close to this symbol is also symbolism of wheel. The rose symbol indicates regeneration since antiquity . The ancient ritual called Rosalia was practised every year in May as donation of food from roses to the spirits of deceased. This combination of Latin cross and flower at cross centre is a version of the so-called Rosary.

The latter is best known in connection with the fraternity Rosary, a movement which occurs between 13. and 14. Centuries. Their vision and purpose were preparation for a new phase in the development of Christianity. In late 18. Century, Karl von Eckartshausen, German Christian mystic, describes Rosary adepts with following words: "These sages, whose number is small, are children of light in conflict with darkness,they  refuse mystification and secrecy. They are open and honest and therefore have nothing to do with secret societies ... "According to other interpretations the rose symbolizes  tranquility and the cross symbolizes salvation through the teaching of huanity about the love of God. Other interpretations see the Rosary cross as a male - female symbol, the flower represents the feminine principle, and cross masculine. Combination of both principles is symbol for regeneration, which is crucial for both, material and spiritual existence. At the end it must be added, that the Rosary crucifix as a symbol is also present in Christian Masonic society.

God's eye in a triangle
latin cross
rosary cross

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