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Ružić Tomb

Author: Ivan Rendić.

This remarkable mausoleum with its double staircase, baldachin and a crypt resembles a cube. Its stone blocks with decorative elements resound Rendić's prior works. Above the base of the mausoleum there is a baldachin with many decorative elements and lunettes on all four sides. The lunettes' surfaces used to be decorated with colorful mosaic, but the only one that is partly preserved is the one on the west side.

A sculpture of a life-size girl Credo (Faith) is sitting underneath the baldachin on a stone block with no decorations. She is holding a larger cross in her arms. The vault is embellished with colorful mosaic that has been well preserved. Metal railing along the staircase and the podium are both regarded a part of architecture. The shapes on the railing resemble peacocks' feathers. Vaulted entrance leads to the crypt with ornamented palm trees, spirals and flowers.

The deceased:

  • Đuro Ružić Sr., leather merchant, real estate investor and leather maker, patron of this work.
  • Ružić Đuro Jr.,finished his studies in London. From 1929 to 1939 he was a mayor of Sušak. He established an airline route between Vienna, Klagenfurt, Ljubljana and Sušak in 1936. He was a hunting inspector at Forestry Association in Rijeka.
  • Viktor Ružić, Ph.d., studied law in Vienna, Zagreb and Graz. After graduating in 1916 he worked in his father's wholesale. He was a secretary of Rijeka Public Library, secretary of the Civil Council Committee of State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs and later a "ban" (high state dignitary) of Savska banovina.
  • Engineer Viktor Ružić Jr. was a chemistry engineer and a technologist, and a technical director in Paper Factory in Rijeka.
female figure
peacock feathers
palm branch
crosslet cross

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