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Chief physician ĐURO CATTI (Gjuro, Juraj, Giorgio) (1849-1923), medical doctor

Đuro Catti studied medicine in Vienna and then worked as an assistant at the Leopold Schrötter Laryngology Clinic. In 1879 he returned to Rijeka as the head of the internal medical ward of the city hospital where he worked for many years.

He gained his international reputation through scientific publications and consultation practice in Opatija. His works on laryngeal cancer, acute throat infections, symptoms of cancer and laryngeal tuberculosis were particularly important.

Being one of the pioneers of modern laryngology, Catti constructed an annular curette to remove adenoid vegetations. He urged for improvement of health and social conditions in the Croatian Littoral. He is a person of historical importance for the Republic of Croatia.
Đuro Catti
Kozala Cemetery
WDEC 2021

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