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Lucifero Martini spent his early years in Pula and Gorica, graduated from the School of Economics and the University of Trieste.

He published his first literary works in 1933 under the pseudonym Lauro Chiari.

He was mobilized in the Italian army in 1941, survived the Cephalonia massacre in 1943, and then joined the partisan resistance movement, where he participated in establishing the partisan press service. His works are inspired by his war experience as well as regret for unfulfilled ideals.

He was the editor-in-chief of “La Voce del popolo”, “Panorama” and the literary magazine “La Battana”. He was a poet, prose writer, playwright, radio playwright, literary and film critic.

Grave location: KOZALA (P-48-3096 niches)

Lucifero Martini
Kozala Cemetery
Artists’ resting places
wdec 2022

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