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MATKOVIĆ VINKO (1911-1973)

Vinko Matković completed his sculpture studies in 1935 at the Academy of Arts in Zagreb, in the class of Frano Kršinić and Rudolf Valdec. After graduating, he took over his father’s workshop.

He was an outstanding realistic artist and his work was sought after from the very end of the war. His most prolific period in the context of public procurement was from 1949 to 1965.

He found role models in Egyptian, Greek and Roman art, but also in 20th century art. He was exclusively engaged in portraits and the making of monumental sculptures.

He is the author of numerous monuments to the National Liberation War in Istria, Rijeka and Kvarner, and his most famous work is the Liberation Monument on Delta in Rijeka (1955).

Grave location: TRSAT (B-1-31)

Vinko Matković
Trsat Cemetery
Artists’ resting places
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