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After graduating from Sušak Gramamr School in 1937, Zoran Kompanjet studied law in Zagreb.

As an antifascist he was arrested in 1941 and imprisoned in Sušak, then Rijeka, Trieste and then interned in Tremiti islands. After Italy surrendered, he organized and led a resistance movement in the province of Macerata.

He completed his law studies at Camerino in Italy and returned to Rijeka in the autumn of 1946 where he worked at the Faculties of Economics and Law in Rijeka. He was also the dean of the Faculty of Economics, then the dean of the Faculty of Law, and the rector of the University of Rijeka (1976-78).

In addition to his professional career, he was a creative writer, expressing himself and writing in dialect. He published poems, short stories, humoresques, sketches and banters “Kvadri” in 1959; “Sakakoveh nas je” in 1961; “Selected Poems” in 1971; “We are who we are, so what?” in 1975; “Dangerous Words” in 1989; “The World Would Be Beautiful”, 1995; “Old and New Sermons”, 1999.

His only drama, a comedy “Šete bandjere or Prevrtljivac”, was performed at Rijeka Theatre in 1975.

He also translated from Italian, and translated Ruzzante’s comedy “Mušica” entitled “Muškardin” into Liburnian Chakavian dialect.

Grave location: TRSAT (D-6-10)

Zoran Kompanjet
Trsat Cemetery
Artists’ resting places
wdec 2022

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