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Dr. ZDRAVKO KUČIĆ (1910-1961), doctor of internal medicine

The clinical hospital in Sušak is named after Zdravko Kučić. Born in Bakar as the son of Dr. Juraj Kučić, a native of Sušak, a lawyer, who performed numerous and important official duties (Grand Prefect of the Primorje-Krajina and Osijek regions, Banovina inspector, Banovina advisor) and often changes positions. In 1923 he was even elected Mayor of Sušak.

Zdravko attended elementary school in Bakar and Ogulin, graduated from Sušak Grammar School in 1928, and then began his studies at the Medical Faculty in Zagreb. In 1929 he continued his medical studies at the University of Belgrade where he graduated in 1934. In 1940 he became a specialist in internal medicine.

In 1943 he joined the partisans and welcomed the end of the war as a doctor in the Fourth Division of Yugoslav Army. He was appointed head of the Internal and Infectious Diseases Department of the Sušak Hospital in 1946, and since 1949 chief of medicine of the Internal Medicine Department and director of the Rijeka General Hospital. He is one of the most deserving people for the founding of the Medical Faculty in Rijeka in 1955.

He was a member of Jadran Rowing Club.

Zdravko Kučić
Trsat Cemetery
WDEC 2021

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