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ANTONIO GROSSICH (1840-1926), surgeon

After medical studies in Vienna, Antonio Grossich worked as a council doctor in Kastav. In 1879 he moved to Rijeka as a primary surgeon and head of the surgical and gynecological department of the city hospital.

In 1907 he gained international reputation for using iodine solution in disinfection before surgery. He published the first news about his experiences next year in the "Giornale centrale della chirurgia" magazine. In 1909, his method was finally appraised at the International Congress of Physicians in Budapest. In 1911 the eminent professors Koning of Altona and Walter of Paris were among the first to promote his iodine solution in the world of science. At the Berlin surgical congress prof. Kutner claimed that it was the most important advance in the field of disinfection. The iodine solution gained wider recognition during the Libyan War (1911 -1912).

He is a person of historical importance for the Republic of Croatia.

Antonio Grossich
Kozala Cemetery
WDEC 2021

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