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PREGARC RADE (1894-1952)

Rade Pregarc finished primary and secondary school, teacher’s school and conservatory in Trieste and Florence. He began as an actor at the Slovenian Theatre in Trieste (1912-1914).

During World War I he was a Russian war prisoner and became acquainted with the theatre there. He was educated in Berlin by M. Reinhardt and in Russia by Stanislavsky at the Moscow Art Theatre. After the war he worked in Ljubljana, Split, Maribor, Belgrade, Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

He was particularly known for interpreting the strong character roles of Ignac Glembay (Krleža, Gospoda Glembajevi), Baron Lenbach (Krleža, In agony), Helmar (Ibsen, Nora), Iago, Shylock (Shakespeare), Herod (Wilde, Saloma), Rogozih (Dostoevsky, Idiot). ), and directed works of foreign authors (Shakespeare, Ibsen, Gogol, Wilde, Shaw, Goldoni, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Pirandello…) as well as national ones (Krleža, Begović, Kulundžić, Dragošić, Tijardović…).

He wrote professional articles on theatre, acting and directing, started and edited the theatre magazine “Maske” in Ljubljana and the magazine “Mi i Vi” in Belgrade.

Grave location: KOZALA (M-3-42)

Rade Pregarc
Kozala Cemetery
Artists’ resting places
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