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KUKLA KAREL (1867-1913)

Karel Kukla was born in the Czech Republic, graduated from the Conservatory (for double bass) in Prague, as well as a three-year study of church music at Skohersky.

He was a member of the Prague Opera until he moved to Croatia.

In 1891 he came to Senj as a chaplain and organ player. In addition to church music, he composed dramatic and lyrical songs (based on texts by A. Šenoa, R. Katalinić Jeretov, L. Vukelić Kosinjanin), but he also composed three Glagolitic masses based on the Old Slavonic texts, as well as an opera named “Aspa”.

He taught at high school in Senj. At the beginning of 1906, he came to Sušak where he taught at grammar school until 1912 as a music teacher and organ player for the school. He was also engaged in private tuition, and was the choirmaster of “Jadranska vila” and “Primorski Hrvat”, which was at that time the only singing association in Sušak.

In addition to all the activities, Kukla found time for sports and played football for SC Sparta.

Grave location: TRSAT (E-8-37)

Karel Kukla
Trsat Cemetery
Artists’ resting places
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