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Ljubo Pavešić - Jumbo attended primary school in Kukuljanovo, and high school in Sušak. In 1943 he joined the partisans, where in 1944 he wrote the first verses with his comrades.

He was a journalist for “Primorski vjesnik” (1945-47) in Sušak, “Riječki list” (1947-54), and a reporter from Buje and Zagreb. He worked until retirement on Radio Rijeka.

In the early sixties he started writing short humorous sketches about Jurina and Franina under his pen name: Grga Ćakulica. Furthermore, he composed humorous shows “Mantinjada bez mužike”, “Mantinjada z mužikun” and the well-known “Primorska poneštrica”.

As a poet, he popularized chakavian dialect and many of his poems became songs. He wrote 18 songs for the MIK singing competition, the most popular of which is Nebuloza.

In 1968 he edited "Besedi s kamika i z mora", which is a book of Chakavian poets residing from Učka to Velebit, wrote biographies of five folk heroes from the National Liberation War, collections of poems “Mama’s Antiquity” and “Don’t Forget to Write”, books of records, sketches and short stories: “Poem from the Execution Site”; “Blood Flows Through Karst”, “Made out of Stone for Stone”.

Grave location: TRSAT (D-3-5)

Ljubo Pavešić
Trsat Cemetery
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wdec 2022

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