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VENUCCI ROMOLO (1903-1976)

Romolo Venucci, sometimes referred to as Romolo Wnoucsek, was the greatest artist of the 20th century in Rijeka and a leading figure of the Rijeka avant-garde group between the two world wars.

He finished primary and secondary school in his hometown, and studied painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.

After the Second World War ended, he worked as an art teacher in Italian Secondary School, the Italian primary schools Gelsi and Belvedere, and in 1963 he started a drawing and painting course for adults in Circolo in Rijeka.

He exhibited his works in different European cities, such as Rome, Genoa, Florence, Udine, Varese, Budapest, Zagreb and Belgrade. He had four solo exhibitions in Rijeka. He was also involved in restoration, illustration, graphic design, and he played three instruments.

In 1969 he received the Order of Labour with a silver wreath of the President of the SFRY for his artistic and education work of 25 years, and in 1972 the City of Rijeka Award.

Grave location: KOZALA (J-16-1219 niches)

Romolo Venucci
Kozala Cemetery
Artists’ resting places
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