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ANTONIO FELICE GIACICH (1813-1898), physician

Antonio Felice Giacich attended secondary school in Rijeka, and went on to study at Medical school in Padua. After completing his medical studies, he became a doctor and surgeon, as well as a specialist in obstetrics and ophthalmology.

After coming to Rijeka, he worked for many years in the city hospital as a surgeon, proto-physicist, hospital director, doctor of maritime medicine and professor of maritime hygiene.

He is the author of a large number of professional papers, books, manuals and textbooks from various medical fields (balneology, surgery, venereology, epidemiology, hygiene). His most important work is maritime hygiene textbook for cadets of nautical schools (or "Lezioni medicine per i naviganti") from 1855, which was published in a total of six consecutive editions.

Giacich worked on the prevention of the so-called Škrljevo (Morbus Scrlievo) disease or endemic leus (also known as syphilis) in Škrljevo. He is remembered for establishing the protocols for treating and combating the cholera epidemic.

He was a prominent politician (autonomist), who was elected among four emissaries of the city of Rijeka to the "regional deputation" to resolve the historic Rijeka issue in 1869.

Antonio Felice Giacich
Kozala Cemetery
WDEC 2021

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